Jun 24

How to hack on wikipedia

‘Hack’ Wikipedia to Generate Traffic to Your Site

Wikipedia is more than a site; it is revolutionary cultural phenomenon, one of the authorities in terms of information management throughout the vastness of the web wide web. A lot of internet users visit Wikipedia to know more about their favorite music artists, celebrities, happenings, history, basically everything. More often than not, depending on time a particular user has in his/her hands, they will not visit any other ‘encyclopedia’ site to double-check the Wikipedia information. Wikipedia practically has the hegemony of internet age information.

But the thing is, Wikipedia is an open source site. It can be modified by users according to their whims, more often than not leading to questionable info in majority of its articles. You can even make a Wikipedia article of your own, a thing which a lot of celebrities (or celebrity want to-bes) are doing since the inception of the internet. Are you a band struggling to get views for your YouTube channel? Are you a company wishing to relay information regarding your latest products? You can certainly, and legally, ‘hack’ Wikipedia to help you in your endeavors. Here are some ideas:

1. Make your Wikipedia article interesting
This is quite a given, since nobody wanted to have a bad article, as it reflects the image of the article’s subject. But this is more than having a finely-written article. You have to develop an organic image of yourself, one with a history of its roots, then your current successes. Mold an identity. Objectively outline what separates you from your competitors. Give the readers what you think the want. Get some nice pictures to pepper the article with color. Inspiring curiosity and awe using facts, especially from a Wikipedia article, is a sure way to let readers to read about you more.

2. Connect the Wikipedia article with your social networking presences.
How exactly do we do this without sounding suspiciously plugging? First you need to create a separate section in the article for some of more interesting things you have done so far. For instance, if you are a visual artist and you have an enormous and interesting project which you have recorded through YouTube, mention it in the article or provide links to the particular video. If they are interested in your concept, they will be more than curious to see how you did it. This way, as with other web interactions, you can engage the reader in a multi-media interaction. More than that, you have successfully created a bridge between your Wikipedia account to your other social media accounts, thus opening more pathways for internet traffic that goes back and forth between your accounts.

3. Don’t overdo it.
Many Wikipedia articles have become the center of internet culture derision due to their unreasonably long and detailed articles. You do not have to put your entire identity into Wikipedia. It would be wiser, if you wanted to create traffic, to make a sparse but comprehensive article, and let the reader fill in the blanks. His or her internet activity beyond the Wikipedia article will be dictated by how this feat is executed.


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