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4 Tips on Jumpstarting Your Social Media Business

4 Tips on Jumpstarting Your Social Media Business

Establish connections with communities of potential customers
This seems rather obvious, but establishing online connections comprise almost half the crucial part of the business venture. Establishing connections doesn’t merely mean hanging around forums, groups and pages then flooding them with promotional material. Connections must be authentic and dynamic, based around common interests. If your business is, say, selling used books, you need to connect first with friends who like reading books. Once these friends and acquaintances recognize your business as something that piques their interests, it is likely that they will spread the word by word of mouth.

Complete your profile, but do not overdo it
A complete profile (agreeable profile image, description, outbound links, etc.) is ten times most likely to catch the notice and trust of visitors. Your profile must provide all the necessary information to introduce your business to a total stranger. Provide any links, if any, for those who wanted to know more. Never forget to include contact information. However it is also important to never overdo it. Internet attention is only short, and studies say that this attention span is considerably becoming shorter and shorter. Keep your information in the brief. Introduce and explain in the plainest of words. Remember that making an impression is different from trying to impress.

Risk some promotional stunts
New business are always the most vulnerable and frustrating, especially those whose operations are fully online. Because of this, it is a good advice to spare some of your investments for promos and gimmicks that will put considerable attention to your business. Gimmicks can be simple ‘buy -one-take-one’ or encouraging customers to write reviews of your business to win discounts. Challenge your own creativity.

Expand your online network presence
Fortunately, online networks are not measured by their weakest links. Rather, what determines a strong online business is its flexibility and ability to utilize all the tools available. Not all internet users have Facebook accounts, so there must be the need to expand to other networks like MySpace or Google+. Video hosting sites like YouTube and Dailymotion also have high traffic density, so uploading videos that showcase your work may help your business. Also, you can indulge yourself by searching for micro-groups (forums, interest sites) which are more specific to your target social group or geography. Expand your networks outwardly (the number of large networks your are connected in) and inwardly (specific groups of particular interests) and ensure more healthy online presence to your business’ name. Expanding your online presence also means breeding more backlinks and hence more traffic to your credit.


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